In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the CLTA-NCR

Our 10th anniversary symposium will be held this Saturday. To look forward to our symposium, here is some information on the founding of CLTA-NCR.

The following is a certificate issued by the governor of Maryland to recognize the founding of the CLTA-NCR.


You can also read an article written by our founding members about the first three years of achievements of CLTA-NCR here >> 大华府中文教师学会三年发展历程(2012).

第二屆主流社會華語演講比賽十一月九日將於The Culture Center of T.E.C.R.O. (Gaithersburg, MD) 舉行

第二屆主流社會華語演講比賽將於11/9 舉行,比賽辦法已經公布,獎金豐富,詳細資料及報名方法請參考主辦方提供的下列信息。

The 2nd GFCBW Mandarin Chinese Speech Contest

1. The 2nd Mandarin Chinese Speech Contest will be held at the TECRO Culture Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Saturday, November 9, 2019. The registration deadline is 10/31/2019.

Date and Time: Nov 9, 2019. 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Location: TECRO Culture Center, 901 Wind River Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

2. The contestants will select the theme of their speech. Contestants are free to develop the speech content based on their own experience with studying Chinese and related life experiences. (No poetry)

3. There will be four age groups and three categories within each age group.

a. Four age groups:

1) Kids – Age 12 and below

2) Teens – Age 13~17

3) Young Adults – Age 18~22

4) Adults – Age 23 and older

b. Three categories for each age group:

1) Beginner Group for students who have learned Chinese for less than 2 years (~ 2 minutes speech)

2) Intermediate Group for students who have learned Chinese for 2 to 4 years (~ 3 minutes speech)

3) Advanced Group for students who have learned Chinese for more than 4 years or have lived in China or Taiwan for more than 6 months (~ 3 minutes speech)

4. Heritage students already speaking Mandarin at home are not eligible to participate.

5. The contestant should be non-Taiwanese and non-Chinese nationality, born and raised outside Taiwan, China or another Chinese-speaking region, and a non-native speaker of Chinese.

6. Each contestant will be given a randomly generated number to determine his/her order in the competition within the corresponding group.

7. Scoring criteria

Language (30%): Grammar, Pronunciation and Word Selection

Content (40%): Organization, Originality and Interesting Content

Delivery (30%): Body language, Stage Presence, Volume and Energy

8. Awards:

a. Winners will be selected from each category in every age group

b. Winners will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award Certificate and a cash award of $100, $50, or $20

c. Winners of Young Adults and Adults group will get extra bonus points when they apply for Huayu Enrichment

Scholarship (HES).

d. All attendees will receive a nominal gift.

e. Up to 3 participants (high school or college students) will be selected to receive a scholarship of $3,000 each to spend 1 month in Taiwan (June or July 2020) in order to experience daily Chinese Language conversation and local culture.


Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of Baltimore (GFCBW)

Washington Metropolitan Association of Chinese Schools (WMACS)

Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States, Education Division and Culture Center

Contact Person:

Charles Lin: 703-634-8622

Email address:


Registration open now for our 2019 symposium

We are pleased to announce that the registration is open now for the CLTA-NCR 10th Anniversary Symposium 2019.

Please click here to go to the registration form.

  • The registration fee is $25.00 for all participants. This registration fee includes a full-year membership of the CLTA-NCR, which allows members to participate in both this symposium and the spring workshop in 2020.
  • NOTE that current CLTA-NCR members do not need to pay the $25.00 again.

Attached here are the conference poster and conference program.

clta-ncr symposium 2019 poster.jpg

Conference Program .jpg

The College Board announces the Professional Learning Webinar Series

The College Board announces the Professional Learning Webinar Series to provide flexible professional development opportunities for K12 teachers and administrators to enhance their Chinese language programs. They will be hosting complimentary webinars for Chinese teachers and school administrators to provide great learning opportunities for educators. All webinars will be offered to participants at no cost. Please follow the link(s) below to register.

In September, the three webinars for teachers and administrators are:

Webinar 1:

Topic:  American National Learning Standards for Foreign Language & Backward Design

Time:                   Tuesday, 9/17/2019, 8 PM-10 PM EST

Presenter:          Ying Jin (金璎老师), ACTFL 2018 National Language Teacher of the Year

Description:       Introduction to National Standards for Foreign Language Education, three modes of communication and lesson planning using backward design.

Audience:           New Chinese Teachers

Language:          Chinese

Link:                    Click here to access the webinar

Webinar Password: Cb123                       

Webinar 2:

Topic:  Strategies for Classroom Management and Activities to Foster Engagement

Time:                   Monday, 9/30/2019, 8 PM-10 PM EST

Presenter:          Heidi Steele, Secondary School Chinese language teacher

Description:       Strategies on classroom management and activities to foster student engagement.

Audience:           Veteran Chinese Teachers

Language:          Chinese

Link:                    Click here to access the webinar

Webinar Password: Cb123         

Webinar 3:

Topic:                  Building a Strong AP® Chinese Program

Time:                   Wednesday, 9/25/2019, 2 PM-4 PM EST

Presenter:          Dr. Jianhua Bai, Chief Reader of AP® Chinese, College Board/ETS; Professor of Chinese, Kenyon College

Description:       Strategies and resources to develop a well-articulated Chinese language program that leads to AP® excellence.

Audience:           School Administrators and Program Coordinators

Language:          English

Link:                    Click here to access the webinar

Webinar Password: Cb123         

 Please note the following important messages:

  1. NO certificate or credits will be provided for the webinars at this time.
  2. Participants will need to log in with their full name, email, position and institution when joining the webinar so we may share resources after the webinar.
  3.  All webinar materials will be provided to you after the webinar.